What to do?

A friend’s birthday is just days away and you have no ideas for a gift or an event….  When we were younger it seemed like we needed everything and could afford nothing!  Now the things we need are  $$$$ and still we can afford little.  What to do!?

Dinner with a coupon, affordable but not that interesting….Hmm, what about bar hopping? Was fun in my 20’s but that was 30 years ago, but now bars seem expensive, loud and the worry of a DUI real.  Maybe a combination of the two – what about appetizer hopping???   The appetizer part of the menu is usually a good deal if you can stay away from the drinks (your wallet and head will thank you).  You can easily split 3 or 4 spots of appetizers and finish with dessert!

Next question is where?  Plenty of chain restaurants have a large selection of appetizers, but that is not very original, and as a small business owner I want to support the “little” guy.  This weekend, a girlfriend and I set out to appetizer hop around town.  Our goals were to stay on budget, taste a little bit of everything and have fun. We started at Hopyard Brewery (American food) we had a soup, then to Prickly Pear (Mexican food) we had chimichanga with cream cheese and jalapeno – very yummy and one order of Chimichanga’s has 5 small chimies.   Next stop Uncle Yu’s for a salad with honey walnut prawns! Amazing!!!  At this point we were full, so we skipped our last stop and went direct to Esin for dessert.  A fig cake my friend loves and super chocolaty espresso tart which I liked finished off our evening.   I wish the chocolate was less intense so I could have tasted the coffee, but I would go back for their Snow Clouds.  What are snow clouds you ask?  They are an amazing drink which that had whiskey, milk and other yummies, and was so good, I really didn’t need dessert.  It was a really fun different evening, and we did not over eat, over drink or over spend the budget!


Mission accomplished!!!