Blogging….. I would love to do this more, but just don’t.  I really need to figure out a way to make it a habit.

HEAT… it has been hecka hot in the East Bay area of the San Francisco Bay, at or close to 100 degrees for 3 days and my little house has no air conditioning, and limited insulation.  A whole different blog post about why I have not changed that situation, but the short version is $$$, the end.

But today I had a client come by and when she walked in from the 90 degree outside into the 73 degree house, she commented on how nice it was to have the air conditioning on, as her hubby did not like the bills.  So I told her, no air conditioning. She could not believe it. Figured I had to share how to do it.

You cannot do it if you are not detail oriented (that’s the politically correct way to say “a bit of an anal control freak!”) .

The first thing is to stop adding heat to your house – so  look over each room in your home and figure out what you have that generates heat and try to eliminate or control it.  That means incandescent lights – out!  Take a look at your TV and feel the back of it – it is hot, it is hotter when on, but it is even hot when off –  get a power strip –plug in the TV and the DVD player, turn off the power strip when you are not using it.   The same goes for the printer, computer, game system you get it if there is a little power light, feel it – warm then unplug it.

Ok now you need to get the house as cool as you can – the coolest time is at night, so when the air outside is cool get it inside!  Open windows and doors, including the garage door (even if it is a little bit) to let the cool air in.  This works great when you are awake in the evening, but  it will get late and you will want to lock up to go to bed.  Living Gourmet does not recommend leaving your house insecure in a effort to keep it cool, so what I did is close all the windows except one at each end of the house. In one window place a large commercial fan (I got a table top one at Home Depot a few years ago it is about 24 inches across) place it so it is blowing out. Turn it on to high. Close and lock every other window and door except the one at the other end of the house.  Leave that one open.  For me, this means that one window is in the kitchen and the other is the master bed room. The fan will pull air in from the open window, through the house and blow it out.  I can knock 10 degrees off the inside temperature in 6-7 hours, and the fan costs very little to run.

When you wake up, you’ll find yourself in a cool house.  If you are like me and get up early, open everything back up!  You can generally drop the temperature a few more degrees in the morning and every little bit helps.  As the sun comes up and begins to shine in the windows close the blinds/shades/drapes.  Do NOT let the sun in!!  When the outside temp is the same as the inside temp shut the windows and doors. Open drapes as the sun is no longer shinning in the windows, you’ll change which window covers are closed as the sun moves.  The other trick is to not go in and out too much. Every time you open the door you are letting out cool air and letting in hot air.  During the day, try not to generate heat.  Don’t make a batch of cookies at 3 in the afternoon or turn the oven on.  You would be supprised how much ‘baking’ you can do on a barbeque.  I can keep a 20-30 degree temperature difference between the inside and outside of my house and this is with all the crummy insulation in my house.  I do have insulated doors, and double pane windows, but no wall insulation and the roof is r13.  Most newer homes will have so much more insulating potential, that you should easily be able to do what I do.


The other upside is all the money you save by leaving the air conditioner off. And really, who doesn’t like more money?