This new embroidery business has been a blast.  It’s amazing how much work goes into a quality item.  It nice to hear some feedback from my clients time to time to keep my finger on the pulse of what they are looking for.  One of the first pieces that rolled off the line at Living Gourmet was the Sons of Thespis jacket(pictured here).  I’ll let this email from Pat say the rest:

Hi Kim:

Thank you so much for making this a memorable Christmas. I’d been joking about the Sons of Thespis with Kelly for a while — about what kind of outlaw club it would be and how the colors would look. Then on Christmas morning, I was thoroughly gobsmacked by the jacket. Your work was remarkable, super in every way  and just perfect for an outlaw bike club for outlaws who enjoy theater. It truly made my Christmas.

Best of luck with your new business. I hope you have huge success.


I would have to agree with Pat on this one.  This jacket did come out looking pretty good.  Like what you see? For you next specialty embroidery needs, look to Living Gourmet to make your vision into reality