2011 was a busy year for Living Gourmet.  Living Gourmet has had two parts Living Gourmet – Classes, and Living Gourmet – Gardening Services: individual and small businesses, but in 2012 I have added a 3rd component.  Welcome to Living Gourmet – Machine Embroidery!

Classes – What a fun year, Danville community center invited me to teach there in addition to Dublin and Livermore.  Summer was kids cooking camps at Dublin Community Center – lots of baking, bbq, and making meals.   Fall was canning, apricot brandy jam, tomato sauce and more.  Winter was holiday baking and gingerbread houses – check out the cute pictures under the Photos category!  The houses kids and their folks made are beautiful!  My 2012 class list can be found under the Classes or Announcements category.  I took some classes “on the road” and taught in folk’s homes – what fun for all of us!  Customized to specific desires – so not just pickles, but a dill pickle and pickled beet class for example.

Gardening –  I added my first commercial account, I am now maintaining the patio/garden area at Gay 90’s Pizza in Pleasanton (great pizza, BTW!).  I also have a number of individual gardens I maintain, both edible and pretty.   I have done a garden plan for a condo yard, it is the first full yard I have designed and I am looking forward to implementing it in 2012.  January is trim your roses time, so grab those clippers or give me a call!

Machine Embroidery – I have bought an existing home based commercial Machine Embroidery business and moved it to my home.   I have commercial contracts and folks I have done work with, but am looking to help businesses with embroidered logo needs and to help each of you with personalized gifts, and fun items for your home.   The ideas are endless, initials, letterman jackets, names, artwork on most any fabric item…. This past month, I did a couple of sweat shirts (one with theatre masks, one with a pig), names on burp cloths for baby, family names on blankets.   What can I do for you?


Below are pictures of the sweatshirt: