Unwinding after a great Mexican Fiesta Dinner class, and trying to assimilate the info (delivered during class by a city staffer) that bin Laden is dead… Its been almost 10 years since 9/11/01 and for all that time we had been looking for him, or not looking, getting side tracked – caught up in other issues… and now he is dead… I remember thinking we go in get this guy and move on… how hard can it be?  you are a day late with a check for any bill or returning a library book and they find you – BUT this is CA, and that is a different world with different priorities and points of view.  I wonder if this will change what we do next, how we handle our involvement in the middle east, once I thought it would – now I am not so sure.

But on a foodie note!  Mexican class was really good! enchiladas, chile rellanos (my favorite!) and salsa, guacamole….. and mango ice… so nice!  I really love this class, we all know and love this food and some think it is so difficult it is fun to have folks see just how easy it is.