A weird new chapter in my life, I am not only working in my garden, but I am working in other folk’s gardens.  People are paying my to plant their plants, pull their weeds and make decisions about what would look good in their gardens!  Fun – but very strange to me.  I love my wild garden, filled with lots of color – herbs tucked here and there, veggies mostly in their place – but it is not a garden for all or even most….  so now I am faced with a gal who wants only red, white or blue flowering plants and everything hedged neat and trim. Another who wants full-grown plants, doesn’t want to have to remember to water, and wants everything kid proof!!!

I still have the joy in my life, teaching!  I would love if I could teach the gardening, crafts and cooking all the time. But there is just not enough call for it to pay all my bills.   However, every Wedensday I get to teach at a senior living center in Livermore.  It is really fun, and sometimes great silliness!  A couple of weeks ago one of the seniors had gotten new dentures and chose to show them to me, – ok – but then when others joined in the show Kim your dentures party… it was a bit bizzare for even me, I quickly diverted that party to tasting Thyme – everyone had to put their dentures back in (thank goodness)!!!