I went to a talk on Edible Gardening, I was really interested, as I am slowly trying to make my yard support me.  Veggies, fruit, flowers (they make me happy), herbs, craft materials.  So off I went to my Garden Club looking forward to the talk.  Well, I have decided I could do the talk and make it better!  The talk was a bunch of pretty pictures of yards that were multiple acres with gardeners, and thousands of dollars of professional help.  Well that is great, and the pictures were fab! but as the friends I went with and I, that is not reality for 90% of us!

So I am going to work out my talk here for you, and then put it together, and take it on the road.

Let’s start with the real yard I live with, it is a traditional suburban yard, about 1/4 of an acre with a 3 bedroom house and 2 car garage taking up a chunk of it.  My neighborhood is full of traditional California front yards, a few plants close to the house, and then grass.  Some have a mature tree, some don’t.  Backyards are fenced, some have a small veggie garden, all have a big chunk of grass, most have a tree or two, side yards are small 10-15 feet on each side, used mostly for access and garbage cans.

Mine has not been to different, the veggie garden was bigger, more trees – front has 3 shade trees, the back has one shade tree, and 4 fruit trees.

I am going to take some pictures and will be back to post them!