It’s almost 11pm, feet up, wish there was a glass of wine next to me, but I would have to go to the kitchen to get it and those 15-20 steps feel very far away right now…  I finished teaching at the Dublin Rec. Center a couple of hours ago. It was a great class.  6 really nice folks! Thursday I taught the same class at Livermore Rec. Center, they were really nice too.  It is fun to get to meet and “know” a little at least a different group of people at each class.  It is also fun to see how each class has it’s own personality…  Tonight’s was interesting as most of the group were very well traveled and multi-lingual (spelling?) so that added a really fun twist.  Livermore’s class was considered a “senior” class, but the group was just as varied as Dublin’s, a bit older, but definity the “active senior”.   Heck in Livermore I am a senior, and sometimes I forget that I am over 30.

Anyway you missed a great meal of Miso Soup, veggie steamed buns, asian coleslaw, fried rice, broccoli and beef, lime sorbet, and tea.  I will be teaching this again in the summer… so be looking for it!