Foggy, damp, cold – but not raining, so time in the garden has been for me for the last few weeks!  Other than my gardening habit to get me outside in the yucky weather, the number I found on the internet that every snail and slug lay 60,000 eggs in a life time is enough to get me out there to clear out leaves and collect every snail and slug I see.  Granted that number may not be true, but I really do not like snails and slugs, however am not willing to put poison around my yard.

But the ground is very wet and with the thick Dublin Clay staying off the wet ground is important to not compact the soil any more than it is already.  So, how to fulfill my gardening need and not compact the soil?  Easy, weed the paths and then weed and collect all the leaves that I can reach stretching I guess it could be called Yoga Weeding!   It was great to get so much of the yard cleaned up.  One of the downsides of Bay Area gardening, is that fall comes late, and by the time all the leaves have fallen, it is holiday time and life is out of control and the yard is pushed to the back burner. So January becomes a final fall clean up month.

January is more than clean up month, it is also plant the sweet peas, prune the roses, and the grapes month.  I have about ½ of the back yard and ¾ of the front done – next week it is supposed to rain, maybe there is part of tomorrow to get the yard finished.