90 minutes of creative fun

I am so sad after our 2 days of hard freeze last week there are a few things looking very poorly in my garden! I have a pineapple sage in the front that has been humming bird heaven for weeks, and has made it through a number of tough winters, but this year was too much for it, it is black and droopy… so I am being better about filling the hummer feeder in the back yard for my little friends. 

Warning though, as much as I want to get out and cut the sage back, I have to sit on my hands!  The dead stuff needs to stay until spring, as it will provide protection to the lower plant in case of another freeze.

The rainy cold weather keeps me inside more, and that gets me itching to be out doing something – at least planning in my yard.  But with soil so wet digging is out, and it is best not to walk around too much as that compresses the soil.  But grape vines should be pruned.

A friend with a bunch of grapes, got her hubby out trimming and we made grape vine wreaths today, what fun!, Ihave a couple of traditional wreaths I have made from my grapes, but she had this great idea, and here is a picture of what I did,  I am pleased with the 1 1/2 hour investment of time.