I am so lucky to live in a great neighborhood- I live in Dublin, CA a typical California suburb,  single family homes, mostly owner occupied, some who’s yards are really nice, some so-so and only a few really iffy.  But the mix of folks are great, there are employed, business owners, unemployed, retired, single, married, kids, no kids…. but mostly we know each other, we say hi, we visit, and most important we care.  And we share the fruits of our gardens.  There is one house that planted zucchini… and we are all benefiting, one with a orange tree that goes nuts in the winter, the sweetest tiny tomatoes come from another home. It is so easy in this world to shut others out, life gets busy!  but it is important to connect and share.  I can not imagine how much smaller my life would be without my neighbors. 

Really I do not live in a special place, I just live in a place where a few of us have been willing to reach out.  When the new person moves in, deliver cookies, a few pieces of home grown fruit or veggies and amazing things will happen. 

I challenge you to reach out.  Take a moment and say hi, share some little thing,  and watch your world blossom!