Each year I wish for an active bird nest in my yard – I figure it would be a perfect place, I have an dog, so the neighborhood outdoor cats don’t hang out here, there’s a bird bath and a feeder, almost completely organic,  plenty of trees and large shrubs to build a nest in.  But year after year the birds come over to visit but not a single nest.  2009 is the year!!  A purple finch built a nest in the cross beams of my patio cover YEAH! They had babies, 4 I think, I watched them grow, and practice flapping their wings, but missed them leaving the nest.  However a day or two before they left mama had a couple of friends over a titmouse and a lesser goldfinch – The mom and dad finch had seemed ok with the titmouse and goldfinch in the area, but this time they were right up on the crossbeam looking over the family.  I was surprised! 

A day or two later another nest in a by another cross beam, this one is a song sparrow I think, but she is in the shade and much shyer than the finch mom was. So it is harder to get a good look.

But I am thrilled!!