You’re In Charge!


This morning I babysat for a friend, she has a cute 3 year old, who is learning the art of NO!  That could drive you crazy.  Today we were going to the park after breakfast, but NO was the word of the day. No breakfast, actually NO to most things I said.  So I put him in the den and told him he was in charge! He could stay there or have breakfast and go to the park.  It was interesting to watch him work through the choices, and really I was ok with either one.  Not having kids of my own it is interesting for me to watch how they figure out the world. 


And really thinking about it YOU are in Charge, I am in charge – maybe like the 3 year old we don’t have many choices, or even great choices, but we do have choices and we are in charge.  I was looking forward to a day at the park. With a kid, it is ok to play on the climbing equipment and be on the slide, as a single adult, it is a bit weirder.  But made the choice that I should have a backup plan, so my computer came with me this am; and what a great choice!  As he tries to get me to pay attention to him, I can happily work on my laptop and monitor his behavior! What a win-win.


So many times we think it is not our choice, someone or something else did it to us. Maybe; maybe not.  6 months ago I got laid off, the job was good, the boss a challenge, the industry in massive change.  I did not choose to be laid off, but I choose how to respond.   I have less money, but more time. I have time to garden, to foster those relationships that maybe I had not spend time on, to sew, to create,  to live a gourmet life.