A blog name, a cute handle, a title…

So elusive, yet so needed…  I’m a little city slicker, a little earth mama, a little foodie, a little tree hugger, so this is what I have come up with…

Living Gourmet

Environmentally and budget friendly

I love to cook and to make fabulous meals, with all the special touches – but have never had the budget for the wonderful exotic markets, so have devoted a part of my yard and my free time to gardening.

 The most expensive item in the produce department of the grocery store, on a per pound basis is herbs.  So I grow them, along with many other fruits and veggies.  My rule of thumb is if you love it, and it is expensive, grow it.  If you just love it grow it.  If you only love it in that one recipe, buy it.  There is limited space and time, so it is time to choose.  

My yard has fruits:  pomegranates, lemons, raspberries, guava, grapes, and a new baby peach tree. Herbs: basil, thyme, sage, parsley, chives, rosemary, mint, lavender and lemon balm.  Vegetables: tomatoes, peppers, butternut and acorn squash, zucchini, beans, cucumbers, potatoes and onions.  I also have a little spot with some lettuce that is an experiment this year. 

So you are looking at this list and thinking she is nuts! Maybe a little, but first I live in California so the climate is a great help, lots of these plants over winter.  I have used many of these as garden anchor plants, not just as annuals. 

 The front has an area that the view of the neighbor’s garbage cans needed to be blocked so a hedge of rosemary was the ticket.  It is drought tolerant, is ok with a trim at the hands of an electric hedge trimmer, easy and always reliable. 

The pomegranate, guava, and one lemon are along the back property line blocking the view of the fence and providing additional privacy.  Edible privacy- what a deal!